Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Blog which isn't being published (yet?)

Hello everyone

We're in Cotonou recovering from an unpleasant incident about which we would rather not write anything in this public spot. You can send us an email for a private blog. Yes, we are doing well.

Love, Joe and Marijke


  1. Glad that you are doing well! I hope that you will keep feeling ok after this experiance!, Jeanette

  2. Thankful that the means has been provided to retreat for awhile, to recharge, to regain courage, strength, and renewed resolve to keep on working. Love, Co

  3. Ik hou heel erg veel van jullie.
    xxxxx Anne

  4. Visited Maria and Harry as Margaret and I are living in Launceston again after having to leave Canada and three married chn behind. One still living in Perth.
    Had never heard of Benin but notice you are close to Mali.
    Love to keep reading your blog.
    Am teaching in Launceston.